Bespoke solutions designed to meet your specific needs

Essentra is a global manufacturer and distributor of a huge number of essential products for a cross section of global industries.

The experience gained over the years from this broad base gives us the ability to provide bespoke, groundbreaking solutions for a whole range of special customer needs. What is more, we provide an end-to-end service from design and prototyping all the way through to manufacturing and distribution. It’s all about a local approach applied globally to create new opportunities for customers.

Our capabilities

Our expertise and options for design and production enable us to realise solutions that add value. Every day, a perfect fit

An Essentra employee

Tell us your requirements and our Customer Solutions Model will Identify your key priorities across a range of business areas including product or process improvement and innovation, increasing brand loyalty and engagement, reducing cost and waste, and ensuring security.

If we don't already have a solution to your problem, we will develop one, regardless of its scope or the branch of industy

We collaborate with you to deliver the right result for your business

Customer Solutions

  • Innovation
  • Product improvement
  • Supply assurance
  • Cost reduction
  • Brand loyalty
  • Waste reduction
  • Process improvement

Driving development through four key phases

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Your needs

We start by understanding your requirements.
People in a meeting

Our expertise

We then evaluate the challenge and offer tailored solutions.
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Custom engineering

We apply our material science through custom engineering and collaborate with you through the following stages:
  1. Prototypes
  2. Customer evaluations
  3. Modifications and enhancements
Essentra product example

Superior quality

Essentra delivers. Our rigorous production process and high standards ensure that every part, component or assembled unit offers the same great quality no matter what the quantity.