• Aerospace and defence example

    Aerospace & Defense

    Throughout the aerospace, defense, aviation and MRO industries, satisfying government regulations for contamination control is essential to success.

  • Biopharma example


    To support the production of injectables and other medicines, cGMP practices must be strictly followed. Whether derived from synthetic or biological sources, the manufacturing of all medicines requires high quality cleaning consumables to maintain critical production elements.

  • Industrial example


    From demanding surface and parts cleaning in the automotive and energy sectors to the exacting requirements of high-end printing facilities and food processing, industrial cleaning requires industrial strength consumables.

  • Life science example

    Life Science & Laboratory

    Throughout wide-ranging life science and laboratory environments, proper contamination control ensures accurate, reliable results.

  • Medical device example

    Medical Device

    From biological implants to diagnostic tools, maintaining strict contamination control compliance is not only key to moving your products to market, but also to protecting lives.

  • Microelectronics example

    Micro Electronics

    With the minute scale of production in microelectronics and integrated circuits, the slightest contamination can cause killer defects. Essentra’s ultra-low linting, low-ion and static-dissipative wipes support a range of processes in semiconductor, blank wafer, data storage and optics manufacturing, protecting against particles and fibers, metallic ions, bacteria, films and residues.

  • usp797 example

    USP<797> Compounding

    From ISO Class 8 ante-areas and ISO Class 7 buffer areas to critical ISO 5 environments, producing Compounded Sterile Preparations (CSP) requires stringent cleanroom cleanliness.