Presaturated Wipes

Wipes saturated with Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) and DI water. Most commonly a mixture of 70% IPA and 30% water. 

More sizes, counts, and product variations are available by contacting Essentra @ +1-800-628-8606 / option 2. Most common 9x9” available for sale online

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Presaturated wipes example
presaturated wipes example
Presaturated wipes example


  • 70% Presat Poly Knit Pouches: 9x9”, 40 wipes/bag
  • 70% Presat PolyCell Pouches: 9x9”, 30 wipes/bag
  • 70% Presat PolyPro Pouches: 9x11”, 30 wipes/bag

Features & Benefits

  • Variety of substrates available: nonwoven melt-blown polypropylene, polyester/cellulose or polyester knit
  • Custom saturant capabilities
  • Multiple sizes and packaging configurations: Single use, re-sealable pouches, canisters, stand-up bags
  • Reduced VOC’s
  • Minimized bulk liquid storage and safer to ship, store and use