Micro Electronics

The smaller the scale, the more critical cleanliness becomes

With the minute scale of production in microelectronics and integrated circuits, the slightest contamination can cause killer defects. Essentra’s ultra-low linting, low-ion and static-dissipative wipes support a range of processes in semiconductor, blank wafer, data storage and optics manufacturing, protecting against particles and fibers, metallic ions, bacteria, films and residues.


  • Cleanroom paper example

    Cleanroom paper

    Essentra provides cleanrooms with paper that will reduce the risk of contamination and increase product yield.

  • Nonwoven example


    Essential cleanroom wipes deliver versatility, dependability and savings to contamination control, and offer micro-level cleaning, specifically engineered for cleanroom applications.

  • Polyester wipes example

    Polyester Knit Wipes

    Our 100% continuous filament polyester wipes with options for sealed edges—including ultrasonic and laser—offer the best range of support for the most critical applications found in aseptic processing areas.

  • Presaturated wipes example

    Presaturated Wipes

    Wipes saturated with Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) and DI water. Most commonly a mixture of 70% IPA and 30% water.

  • Specialty wipes example

    Specialty Wiping Products

    Essentra offers a vast array Specialty wiping products to support the always expanding niche critical cleaning applications. Customizable options available to meet exact specifications.

  • Swabs example


    From cleaning delicate optics to assembling high-tech PCB modules, Essentra’s diverse line of swabs and applicators support even the most specialized wiping tasks.