• Cleanroom paper example

    Cleanroom paper

    Essentra provides cleanrooms with paper that will reduce the risk of contamination and increase product yield.

  • Nonwoven example


    Essential cleanroom wipes deliver versatility, dependability and savings to contamination control, and offer micro-level cleaning, specifically engineered for cleanroom applications.

  • Polyester wipes example

    Polyester Knit Wipes

    Our 100% continuous filament polyester wipes with options for sealed edges—including ultrasonic and laser—offer the best range of support for the most critical applications found in aseptic processing areas.

  • Presaturated wipes example

    Presaturated Wipes

    Wipes saturated with Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) and DI water. Most commonly a mixture of 70% IPA and 30% water.

  • Specialty wipes example

    Specialty Wiping Products

    Essentra offers a vast array Specialty wiping products to support the always expanding niche critical cleaning applications. Customizable options available to meet exact specifications.

  • Sterile Bottled Alcohol example

    Sterile Bottled Alcohol

    We provide sterile alcohol of the highest purity in a variety of product and packaging configurations.

  • Sterile wipes example

    Sterile Dry Wipes

    Essentra’s wipes deliver the highest levels of sterility for USP requirements and aseptic manufacturing processes—gamma irradiated to a Sterility Assurance Level of 10–6 in accordance with ANSI/ISO/AAMI guidelines.

  • Sterile presaturated wipes example

    Sterile Presaturated Wipes

    Validated Sterile Wipes provide utmost sterility for pharmaceutical and biotechnological processing environments, allowing you to deliver an optimal final product.

  • Swabs example


    From cleaning delicate optics to assembling high-tech PCB modules, Essentra’s diverse line of swabs and applicators support even the most specialized wiping tasks.