Fluid handling

We are pioneers in customised liquid- and vapour-handling products.

From medical diagnostics tests to advanced wound-care pads, printer cartridges, writing instruments, critical environment wipes and air fresheners, we leverage our expertise in bonded fibre, polyurethane foam and porous plastic technologies to respond to customer challenges.

Our global teams and world-leading R&D facilities apply their materials science expertise to engineering solutions across industries. In this way, we not only serve existing customer requirements but help them to redefine their sectors through innovation.

Materials science

We custom design, manufacture, and distribute parts and components using the following advanced porous materials:

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  • Porous example


    A blend of polymeric fibres bonded together for ideal fluid handling capillary structures.

  • Foam example


    A proprietary or customised blend of raw materials created through a clean polyurethane process.

  • Fluid Applicator Example

    Porous plastic

    A range of polymer particles fused together for specific mechanical and chemical properties.


See the many functions our fluid handling products can perform for you.

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