Moulded plastics

With over 40,000 standard products and extensive experience in developing custom mouldings, we are a leading supplier of protection and finishing products.

We manufacture and distribute a full range of standard and customised plastic injection moulded and vinyl-dip moulded parts for customers.

Our tool library, product development skills and manufacturing experience combine with our logistics infrastructure to offer our customers a unique service, solving specific requirements where a standard product is not available.

We serve a broad range of industries including equipment manufacturing, automotive, fabrication, electronics and construction. From small components to large, we specialise in the manufacture of high-performance products from commodity resins to engineering-grade thermoplastics and polymer alloys for use in a range of end-markets.

Products and capabilities include

  • Manufacturing with a variety of materials including ABS, PS, nylon, LDPE, HDPE, PP, butyrate, TPR, PVC and PPS
  • Compression moulding (silicone / EPDM)
  • Production process uses both virgin and recycled source materials 
  • Nine globally located manufacturing sites containing more than 300 injection moulding machines and dip moulding capabilities
  • Caps and plugs
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic protection
  • High temperature masking