Parenteral Paper Pack

Designed for fragile products such as vials, bottles, ampoules and syringes, Parenteral Paper Packs (PPP) are an important environmental packaging innovation. Made of 100% recyclable carton board, these display boxes have minimum impact on virgin materials and require no extra assembly before adding the product.

Standard IMA SAFE packaging equipment is used to erect the container, tray or display box, before pick ‘n’ place systems secure items inside the boxes. PPP use more cost-efficient materials than standard packs, require lower manufacturing precision and are extremely stable, enabling high-speed handling.

Parental Paper Pack Carton Example
Parental Paper Pack Carton Example
Parental Paper Pack Carton Example

Features and benefits

  • Recyclable pack for pre-fillable syringes (PFS), bottles, vials and ampoules
  • High-speed erecting machine fully developed
  • Product ‘locked’ into tray for complete stability and security
  • Suitable for high-speed lines
  • Tamper evidence available by means of pre-cut label or paper foil
  • Adaptable to new product configurations
  • No need for additional assembly before product insertion
  • Significant cost savings versus traditional solutions
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