Essentra manufactures cartons for a variety of industries, incorporating a wide range of styles, designs and print finishes. From cardboard to plastic, we print on a huge variety of materials to create innovative, practical and stand-out packaging for your products. We develop, design and make structural prototypes in-house to ensure a seamless, rapid service – even for short-run orders.

Solutions include intricate die cutting and blanking, offset printing with both UV and conventional inks, offline proofing facilities, computer-to-plate and processing technologies, specialist gluing solutions, printing on both sides of board, window-patched and wrap-around windows and specialist barrier packaging where a long shelf life is required.

Image of LuxePack Lotus Carton
Beauty Carton example
Healthcare carton example


  • Designs and prototypes developed in-house
  • Computer-to-plate and processing technologies
  • Specialist gluing solutions - side seam, crash lock, four corner, flat (unglued)
  • Conventional and metallised board with double-side printing
  • Carton and label/leaflet combination
  • Micro-perforations
  • 6-colour press printing, possible on cartons with a thickness of 0.08mm–1.1mm
  • Ability to service short runs
  • Supply of specialist packaging and filling machines, either new or refurbished
  • Offset print process with both UV and conventional inks; UV and water-based coatings are also available


  • Window-patched and wrap-around windows registered to creases
  • Varnish finishes including matt, gloss, pearl, satin, soft touch, reticulated and blister
  • Hot / cold foiling and foil blocking
  • Cartons with braille
  • Embossing and debossing
  • Specialist barrier packaging where a long shelf life is necessary
  • Ability to print, glue and block on plastic substrate
  • Boxes, sleeves, 5th panel, straight and reverse tuck
  • Die cutting and blanking in different sizes


  • Anti-counterfeiting and authentication technology
  • Anti-theft labelling