Inserting leaflets into a pharmaceutical product carton can be difficult and costly. Essentra’s ComboPack™ enables cartons to be preloaded with a cross-folded tagsert before contents are added. There’s no need for a separate folding process, and it reduces transport costs as the combined package and contents are produced on the same site.

The system is based on large dimension tagserted leaflets that are placed inside the carton using soft-release glue. The tagsert label enables the leaflet to remain fixed inside but easily extractable from the carton without tearing the leaflet’s paper.

Combopack Carton Example
Combopack Carton Example
Combopack Carton Example

Features and benefits

  • Easier for end user
  • No compromise on packing line speed or efficiency
  • No need for folding process at insertion stage
  • Reduces transportation costs (single source delivery of packaging materials instead of multiple suppliers)
  • Reduces outer packaging (board, wrapping materials, pallets) due to combining two products
  • Further synergies if combined with Plurium™ leaflets
  • No need to change SKU / die as no additional board is used
  • Lower environmental impact owing to reduced transportation and material usage
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