Printed primary packaging

In addition to secondary packaging, we also provide printed primary packaging capability, which includes features such as child resistance and multicolour print to fulfil the blister pack needs of our customers.

In our state-of-the-art class 100,000 standard clean room, we can print on a range of different materials and thicknesses to meet individual customer specifications.
Printed primary packaging example
Printed primary packaging example
Printed primary packaging example

Products and capabilities

  • 20-micron hard foil
  • 25- / 30-micron soft foil
  • Childproof foil lids
  • Laminate lids
  • Printed Cold Form (PA / Alu / PVC) substrate
  • Medical paper (for component blistering such as disposable syringes or medical components requiring ETO sterilisation)
  • Laminate materials for sachet packaging of granulate and powder products

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