Serialisation Solutions

Our secure serialisation solutions are designed to complement your processes and ease the complexities of printing pre-serialised pharmaceutical cartons.

We understand the challenges pre-serialisation brings and the impact this process has on packing line efficiencies, so we provide complementary serialisation solutions to support productivity in your supply chain.

You can trust Essentra Packaging to support your needs, helping you to save on investment with small production runs, codes outside of your serialisation capabilities and complex or non-standard positioning requirements.



Product Options

  • Pre-serialised cartons
  • Serialised labels

Serialisation code capabilities

  • Russian Crypto-code
    1D GTIN EAT code
    44-88 digit 2D Matrix code
  • China Code
    Linear 128 code
    2D Matrix code
  • EU-Standard code
    1D GTIN EAT code
    2D Matrix code
  • Bespoke serialisation solutions
    If you have a bespoke requirement, we can help. E.g. Clinical trials

Verification and Validation

  • After printing the codes, Essentra will
    1. Verify the code is machine and human readable (HRI)
    2. Validate the codes through various software and reporting options

Outsource your serialisation with Essentra Packaging

  • Small batch orders
  • Supporting your peak volumes
  • Complex code requirements
  • Complex carton sizes or code placement

Pre-Serialised Carton Solutions

Download our Pre-Serialised Carton Solutions brochure for more information about our capabilities and solutions.

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