Peelable labels

Essentra’s self-adhesive resealable labels can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of most substrates to ensure high performance.

Peel 2 Read 

Peel 2 Read labels (two- and three-ply) are simple peel-back labels that enable extended text on the pack to house information such as instructions, multiple languages and ingredients as well as legal information

Peel and reseal
Peel and reseal labels work in the same way as Peel 2 Read labels but have a re-closing capability so they can be opened and resealed throughout the life of the product.

Peel to read example

Features and benefits

  • Product remains in its own branded pack
  • Ease of use with finger-lift areas and an adhesive designed to work time after time
  • Label formats, dimensions and materials customised to individual customer specifications
  • High-quality printing enables complicated designs and images on labels
  • Quick and simple installation on existing packaging lines

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