Security seals

Our robust range of seals offer additional security throughout the supply chain for the manufacturer, the merchandiser and the customer. It is a fast, obvious way to tell if tampering or unauthorised access has occurred to keylessly sealed items.

Security seals example

High-security seal

  • Made of material such as metal or metal cable with the intent to delay intrusion.
  • Example: barrier seals

Security seal

  • Made of material that provides limited resistance to intrusion and requires lightweight tools for removal.
  • Examples: fixed length seals, variable length seals

Indicative seal

  • Made of material that can be easily broken by hand or by using simple snipping tools.
  • Example: special purpose seals

Product options

  • Barrier: HanaLock, AluLock
  • Fixed length: OctoLock, TwinLock, MetaLock
  • Variable length: Teralock, SegurLock, Mini JawLock
  • Special purpose: CartLock, ArrowLock, KertasTack