Food service packaging

Essentra manufactures more than 7 million bags, cartons and sleeves a day for the food-service sector. The experience and expertise gained from the scale of our operation enable us to offer short lead times across a wide range of sizes and styles for both long and short production runs.

Our bag range includes traditional paper bags plus all sorts of paper and film combinations that enable the product inside to sell itself.

Packaging can be grease resistant (wax or silicone coated) to ensure that products look attractive. In addition, we can provide single- or double-sided print as well as intricate and attractive designs to enhance your branding.

windowed carton example
fast food box example
luxury carton example

Cartons and sleeves

  • Boxes
  • Drinks carriers
  • Chip skillets
  • Hot-dog skillets
  • Burger clam shells
  • Sandwich boxes
  • Takeaway containers and lids