Plurium™ is Essentra’s patented multipage folded booklet / leaflet. It enables large volumes of information to be displayed at compliant font sizes. It comprises up to five sheets (10 printed pages) that can be colour coded to highlight different sections and is glued at the spine.

The leaflet format can be supplied as pre-folded with different dimensions and page counts including parallel-folded, cross-folded, Vijuk sheet leaflet, and tagsert or outsert using up to 50gsm stock. It is also available in flat-form reel, which obviates the need to change the settings or the size of folding machines.

Plurium™ can also be supplied with a board cover, which can be affixed within carton packaging for easier processing.

Plurium Leaflet Example
Plurium Leaflet Example

Features and benefits

  • Increased volume of information without enlarging paper dimensions
  • No staples eliminates risk of rust in humid environments; extremely economical compared with stapled booklets
  • 100% recyclable material
  • Leaflets can be run directly in folding lines at our customers’ facilities, eliminating the need to set folding machines
  • Flat form: folded directly into cartons on line
  • Parallel folded: fed into the box with the product