Essentra manufactures self-adhesive healthcare label products to specific customer requirements.

The labels are supplied on a roll for automated high-speed application and can be produced on a wide range of substrates including plastic films, paper and laminate materials for different containers.

Our technical knowledge ensures the product has the right adhesive for permanence, repositionability and tamper evidence, while our Label Vision Systems check for label print accuracy. Our stringent systems ensure  control from origination to final production.

We can also provide a total label reconciliation service, removing the need to count labels for specific lines or to return stock.

Our solutions include

  • Leaflet, booklet and syringe labels
  • Peel 2 Read (two- and three-ply)
  • Peel and reseal labels
  • Security features: holograms, security print and void release
  • IV hanger labels
  • Clear-on-clear labels
  • High-speed data-replication labels


  • Pharma Sling Label Example


    Pharma-Sling® is a pressure-sensitive adhesive label with an additional ply of clear over-laminate to allow for container or device hanging.

  • Extended Content Label Example

    Extended-content label

    Essentra’s pressure-sensitive, multipanel extended-content labels and two- or three-ply Peel 2 Read labels provide extra space for instructions, translations, legal text and ingredients. By helping to reduce handling and eliminate mislabelling, they can increase production efficiency.

  • Peel and Read Label Example

    Peel 2 Read

    Peel 2 Read labels (two- and three-ply) are simple peel-back labels that enable extended text on the pack to house information such as instructions, multiple languages, legal information and ingredients.

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