Surgical products

The precise handling of fluids and vapours is essential to clinical success. From the delivery of pharmaceutical drugs to critical environment disinfection, our products and components enable safe and reliable medical procedures.

Solutions include

  • Surgical absorption media
  • Suction canister filter valves
  • Extended-life filter valves
  • Nebuliser filters
  • Drug delivery reservoirs


  • Surgical Absorption Media Example

    Surgical absorption media

    Our medical-grade absorption media provide sterile solutions in fluid control for surgical procedures. Absorption elements range from absorptive components specially fitted for specific surgical devices to super-absorbent surgical pads, all of which can be customised for any specialised application.

  • Suction Canister Filter Valve Example

    Suction canister filter valves

    Our suction canister filter valves play a critical role in operating room waste removal systems, protecting sensitive surgical equipment from liquid contaminants.

  • Extended Life Filter Example

    Extended-life filter valves

    Our extended-life filter-valves use a multimaterial construction to protect hospital waste removal systems from both liquid contaminants and smoke damage.

  • Nebulizer Filter Example

    Nebuliser filters

    By removing particles that are harmful to internal mechanisms, our filters provide essential protection for nebuliser machines ensuring that users continue to receive effective treatment.

  • Dental hygiene swabs

    Dental hygiene swabs

    Our soft substrates with die-cut edges are for patients who require nursing assistance. They can lift and remove debris and mucus from oral cavities through to cleaning between teeth or gums. And, unlike cotton swabs, they do not leave a residue.

  • Antimicrobial wound care foam example

    Anti-microbial wound care foam

    Essentra’s new cost-effective, high-performance solution offers both quick-kill (24 hours or less) and long-term (three, five and seven days) efficacy. Made using our Medisponge® SuperSoft™, these wound dressings are suitable for treating diabetic foot ulcers, burns and bedsores / pressure sores.

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