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Essentra provides an innovative offering of cartons, leaflets, labels, printed primary packaging and tapes for a range of medical devices from pharmaceutical drugs to critical disinfection. 


Innovative carton solutions to meet demands for more effective and economical packaging.

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  • Parental Paper Pack Carton Example

    Parenteral Paper Pack

    Designed for fragile products such as vials, bottles, ampoules and syringes, Parenteral Paper Packs (PPP) are an important environmental packaging innovation. Made of 100% recyclable carton board, these display boxes have minimum impact on virgin materials and require no extra assembly before adding the product.

  • Combopack Carton Example


    Inserting leaflets into a pharmaceutical product carton can be difficult and costly. Essentra’s ComboPack™ enables cartons to be preloaded with a cross-folded tagsert before contents are added. ComboPack™ is quick and easy to use. There’s no need for a separate folding process, and it reduces transport costs as the combined package and contents are produced on the same site.

  • Security Pack

    Our cartons can be layered with a range of techniques to create unique overt and covert fine-design security solutions.


Pharmaceutical leaflets at every size and format you can imagine.

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  • Piggyback Leaflet Example


    Piggyback® comprises two- or three-folded leaflets glued together back to back.

  • Plurium Leaflet Example


    Plurium™ is a multipage folded booklet that offers separate sections for different audiences, marketing purposes and even languages. Our Plurium™ products enable large volumes of information to be displayed (at compliant font sizes) and are available in either leaflet or booklet formats. Both formats comprise up to five sheets (10 printed pages) glued at the spine, which can be colour coded to highlight different sections.

  • Outserts Example

    Inserts and outserts

    Pharmaceutical products are increasingly being issued with a folding label to hold legal texts and patient information. Inserts and outserts enable a label and leaflet insert to be combined to form a folding label.


Self adhesive healthcare labels to inform patients, while protecting and enhancing your brand.

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  • Pharma Sling Label Example


    Pharma-Sling® is a pressure-sensitive adhesive label with an additional ply of clear over-laminate to allow for container or device hanging.

  • Extended Content Label Example

    Extended-content label

    Essentra’s pressure-sensitive, multipanel extended-content labels and two- or three-ply Peel 2 Read labels provide extra space for instructions, translations, legal text and ingredients. By helping to reduce handling and eliminate mislabelling, they can increase production efficiency.

  • Peel and Read Label Example

    Peel 2 Read

    Peel 2 Read labels (two- and three-ply) are simple peel-back labels that enable extended text on the pack to house information such as instructions, multiple languages, legal information and ingredients.

Printed primary packaging

Blister foils, Cold Form and printed medical papers for disposable packaging.

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