Medisponge SuperSoft foams

Highly absorptive material that is soothing to the touch.

Available in a wide range of forms and customisations to deliver advanced performance and comfort in diverse wound care and medical applications.

Medisponge Supersoft Sponge Example

Features and Benefits

  • Medical grade (ISO 10993)
  • Super soft, velvety feel 
  • Absorbs 15–20 times product weight
  • Water-based and catalyst-free
  • Hydrophilic or hydrophobic
  • Customisable laminations, films and hydrogel/hydrocolloid layers
  • Skived, poured or molded
  • Active ingredients – antimicrobials, nanometals and more
  • Poured or skived to thickness

Technical specification

  • Thickness 3mm–5mm
  • Density 70kg/m3–120kg/m3
  • Elongation 225%–145%