Driven by customer requirements, we use multiple material substrates including conventional and metallised board.

Our engineering and design team constantly innovate carton solutions and continuously improve our product line to meet specific customer demand for more effective and economical packaging and printing.

Our solutions include

  • Carton designs and structural prototypes developed in-house
  • Offset print process with both UV and conventional inks; UV and water-based coatings are available
  • Computer-to-plate and processing technologies
  • Intricate die cutting and blanking
  • Specialist gluing solutions
  • Printing on both sides of the board
  • Anti-theft labelling
  • Anti-counterfeiting and authentication technology


  • Parental Paper Pack Carton Example

    Parenteral Paper Pack

    Designed for fragile products such as vials, bottles, ampoules and syringes, Parenteral Paper Packs (PPP) are an important environmental packaging innovation. Made of 100% recyclable carton board, these display boxes have minimum impact on virgin materials and require no extra assembly before adding the product.

  • Combopack Carton Example


    Inserting leaflets into a pharmaceutical product carton can be difficult and costly. Essentra’s ComboPack™ enables cartons to be preloaded with a cross-folded tagsert before contents are added. ComboPack™ is quick and easy to use. There’s no need for a separate folding process, and it reduces transport costs as the combined package and contents are produced on the same site.

  • glued cartons

    Glued Cartons

    Essentra’s tamper-verification solution is glued by our customer at the point of product packaging, which mean cartons do not require additional tamper-evident features such as labels.

Patient adherence brochure

Patient Adherence

Our 'End-to-End Solutions Delivered' brochure outlines our capabilities and solutions.

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