Leaflets and literature

Our healthcare literature come in a range of sizes and different formats: folded, flat and on-roll. Our leaflets and literature are printed on both reel and flat-sheet offset litho presses for pack insertion on high-speed lines.

We employ state-of-the-art inspection, defect detection and tracing equipment to ensure consistent quality and text matching to customers’ requirements.

Our solutions include:

  • Flat leaflets
  • Parallel/cross folded
  • Glued outsert or tagsert folded leaflets
  • Multi-unit, multipage, leaflet combinations such as Piggyback®
  • Reel format options: simple reel; double, triple and quadruple pre-folded leaflets (PFL) – ideal for very high-speed cartoning lines with in-house leaflet folding.
  • Multipage booklets in a range of sizes


  • Piggyback Leaflet Example


    Piggyback® comprises two- or three-folded leaflets glued together back to back.

  • Plurium Leaflet Example


    Plurium™ is a multipage folded booklet that offers separate sections for different audiences, marketing purposes and even languages. Our Plurium™ products enable large volumes of information to be displayed (at compliant font sizes) and are available in either leaflet or booklet formats. Both formats comprise up to five sheets (10 printed pages) glued at the spine, which can be colour coded to highlight different sections.

  • Combopack Carton Example


    Inserting leaflets into a pharmaceutical product carton can be difficult and costly. Essentra’s ComboPack™ enables cartons to be preloaded with a cross-folded tagsert before contents are added. ComboPack™ is quick and easy to use. There’s no need for a separate folding process, and it reduces transport costs as the combined package and contents are produced on the same site.

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