Serialisation solutions

Counterfeiters are getting smarter and more sophisticated, finding more intelligent ways to infiltrate the supply chain. To address this growing threat, various anti-counterfeiting measures are being implemented around the globe, including serialisation. Serialisation is the system of tracking, tracing and verifying products via unique identification codes. Essentra understands the challenges and increased threats posed by counterfeiting and have designed a range of serialised carton and label solutions designed to maximise security and traceability of your products. 

Essentra digitally prints unique item-level serialisation from externally supplied data, negating the need for customers to set up and manage print in-house. Quality control ensures the correct and appropriate data management system serialisations are printed without duplication, with post-print checks to confirm readability. Used serialisations are recorded and a report provided to satisfy the downstream data management requirement of our customers. 

Our solutions include

  • Serialised cartons
  • Serialised labels
  • Overt and covert authentication technology available
  • Minimises impact of serialisation on packing lines