Plug-in air-freshener wicks

Compatible with water- and oil-based fragrances, our bonded fibre and porous plastic air-freshener wicks offer highly controlled evaporation rates and fragrance longevity for both plug-in and standalone fragrance delivery systems.

We can customise material formulations and capillary structures for wicks of any size or shape to meet the requirements of your fragrance delivery system.

Plugin Air Freshener Example
Plug in reservoir wick example

Features and benefits

  • Highly controlled liquid-to-vapour transfer rates
  • Compatible with solvent- and water-based formulations
  • Bonded fibre and porous plastic wicks customisable for specific fragrances
  • Temperature resistant to 160˚C
  • Combination oil- and water-based diffusion using multicomponent wicks with two wicks fused together
  • Neutral displacement wicks to maintain the appearance of consistent liquid fragrance levels
  • Dual-phase end-of-life wicks to signal the end of product life
  • Capillary structures for controlled fragrance release
  • Fully customisable formulations, sizes and shapes to meet demands of an electrical fragrance delivery system
  • Efficient diffusion and fragrance longevity for any application
  • Assembly friendly
  • Dimensionally stable
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