Reed-diffuser wicks

Our synthetic reed wicks feature exceptional diffusion performance for passive fragrance delivery. Compatible with both water- and oil-based fragrances, they can release fragrances at up to three times the diffusion rates of bamboo.

Featuring optimally controlled porosity with customisable evaporation rates, our reed wicks never clog or require flipping. The result is superior performance with easier, cleaner and more efficient end use and more effective diffusion over time.

Reed Diffuser Example

Features and benefits

  • Performs with a wide variety of fragrance formulations
  • Compatible with oil- and water-based fragrances
  • Customisable for specific customer formulations
  • Diffusion rates – two to three times higher than bamboo – reduce number of reeds required to meet fragrance delivery targets
  • Broad range of colours, shapes and sizes for complete product-line customisation including melt-blown and resinated reeds
  • Maintains shape (will not bend or deform) when saturated
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