More than 40 years ago, Essentra’s XPE® ink reservoir redefined ink delivery dependability, offering the highest performance in extreme conditions – even high altitude flights.

Today we offer a comprehensive line of ink reservoirs with 100% fibre-to-film seals, optimal capillary uniformity, high chemical tolerance and rapid ink absorption rates. They are used by market-leading writing instrument manufacturers across the world for any type of ink and application.

Almost every aspect of our reservoirs is customisable from specially formulated bonded-fibre blends to 100% fibre-to-film sealed wraps. The reservoirs are designed to work in conjunction with Essentra’s nibs range to ensure optimum performance.

Reservoirs Example
Reservoirs Example

Our solutions include

  • Reservoirs with indicators
  • Angle cuts
  • Custom wrappers
  • Venting grooves (with or without wraps)
  • Cross sections


  • Polyester
  • Polypropylene
  • Blends


  • Extruded polypropylene
  • Extruded nylon
  • Extruded polyester
  • Film or non-woven
  • Unwrapped
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