Swimming pool covers

Our plastic profiles are widely used for swimming pool covers where they offer durable protection against damage, enhanced safety and insulation of water heat. Our swimming pool covers are high quality and can be exclusively designed for complex finishing and efficient delivery. We use sustainable materials and durable PVC or PC and ensure all materials conform to hygiene standards.

pool diagram

Features and benefits

  • High quality, exclusive pool covers
  • Customised design for complex finishing and efficient delivery
  • Conform to hygiene standards
  • Perfect snap and click possibilities, good sealing, high straightness, superior surface, smooth slide functionality, special punching, algae growth prevention
  • Available in any colour
  • UV resistance over 10 years (cap layers)
  • Leadtimes under 4 weeks
  • In-line finishing: Punching and assembly in line, poly sleeved packaging, no secondary operations by Essentra needed
  • Sustainable material: PC, PVC, low cost using 3–extruded tooling with caplayers
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