Electrical solutions

Essentra manufactures and distributes a wide range of standard and custom solutions for electrical applications.

With more than 1 billion parts in stock and at least 100,000 products, we can make your supply chain easier to manage, saving time and driving efficiencies.

Whether you’re building consumer electronics, white goods, data communication racks or vending machines, we can scale to meet your needs, no matter how large or small, or how tight your deadline.

Parts are available for immediate dispatch through our global distribution network. Free samples for next-day delivery available on request. 


White goods

From screws to spacers, we offer thousands of cost-effective, high-quality solutions for machinery.


Light- to heavy-duty solutions, including products for noise isolation and vibration reduction.

Electrical solutions

Accessories and security solutions for indoor or outdoor cabinets.

Cable Management Solutions

Our customised profiles are used in a wide range of cable management applications

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Electrical solutions example

Our solutions include


  • PCB spacers
  • Cable management products
  • Screws, nuts and washers
  • EMI suppression ferrite cores
  • Motion control
  • Card guides and pullers
  • Fan accessories
  • Circuit-board hardware
  • LED hardware
  • Conduits

Moulded plastics

  • Supports
  • Rivets and threaded fasteners
  • Cable ties
  • Cable clips and clamps
  • Rivets and panel fasteners
  • Wire saddles



Extrusion plastics

  • Attractive, lightweight and durable parts for electronic appliances

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