Cable management solutions

Extruded profiles provide attractive, lightweight and durable parts for cable management solutions. Our customised profiles are used in a wide range of cable management applications, such as plastic gaskets and covers. Our specialist knowledge in plastics extrusion means we can help develop the profile with the properties you need: lightweight, insulating, durable and eco-friendly.

Cable management in office setting
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Cable management and White goods

  1. LED light covers

  2. Cable management profiles

  3. Decorative profiles

  4. Cable ducts

Additional profiles available include:

  • Gaskets

  • Cover profiles

  • Busbar covers

  • Sliding profiles

  • Assembly profiles

  • Seal and magnetic profiles

  • Thermal breaks

  • Shelf profiles

  • Doors and sliding doors

  • Bumper profiles

  • Window ventilation profiles

  • Sun protection profiles