Fluid handling

Our wipes ensure extreme clean for any electronic device or component. From bringing back that new shine to an old LCD display, to removing stubborn solder pastes from circuit boards, our wipes provide an ultra-clean and reliable option for all electronic wiping applications – and purity for critical contamination control.
Wipes are available as peel and reseal pouches, single-use sachets or in canisters.

Wipes example

Solutions include

  • Polyester knit
  • Clean polyester / cellulose
  • Canisters presaturated 70 / 30 IPA / water
  • Presaturated wipes (peel and reseal pouches, canisters, single-use sachets)
  • Speciality wipes available in wide range of materials and colours (including nega-stat® impregnated with carbon fibres for anti-static ESD)
  • Microdenier wipes and custom rolls
  • SMT-stencil cleaning rolls

Features and benefits

  • Industrial-strength wipes
  • Abrasive towel material for tough scrubbing
  • Natural oils and emollient to prevent dry skin
  • Residue-free with citrus scent
  • Multipurpose, single container, on-the-job convenience