Our wipes ensure extreme clean and purity for critical contamination control. The wipes are available as wet or dry for use in critically controlled clean-room manufacturing to lift away grease and grime. The superior cleaning performance is ideal for manufacturing equipment and surfaces. We most commonly supply companies that manufacture in certified clean rooms, and critical and controlled environments.

Wipes are available as peel and reseal pouches, single-use sachets or in canisters.

Fluid handling example

Solutions include

  • Polyester knit
  • Clean polyester / cellulose
  • Canisters presaturated 70 / 30 IPA / water
  • Presaturated wipes (peel and reseal pouches, canisters, single-use sachets)
  • Speciality wipes available in wide range of materials and colors
  • EPIX – economical polyester / cellulose wipe used for general industrial use and clean-up

Features and benefits

  • Industrial-strength wipes
  • Abrasive towel material for tough scrubbing
  • Natural oils and emollient to prevent dry skin
  • Residue-free with citrus scent
  • Multipurpose, single container, on-the-job convenience