Tector® is Essentra’s most economical thread protector designed specifically for environmental protection only while providing complete coverage of the thread area.

Tector® Plus has a heavier closed-end design to meet Canadian requirements.

tector example

Features and benefits

  • Provides economical protection from environmental elements
  • Ideal for short-term storage and API applications
  • Lightweight for reduced freight costs
  • Available in open- and closed-end designs
  • 100% recyclable

Applications: Tector®

  • Tubing: 1–1/2" to 4–1/2" NUE and EUE
  • Casing: 4–1/2" to 13–3/8" for all API thread types

Applications: Tector® Plus

  • Tubing: 2–3/8" to 3–1/2" EUE
  • Casing: 4–1/2" to 9–5/8" STC and LTC