Ultra® premium protectors feature CNC-machined threads for an exact fit, reducing the chance of corrosion and eliminating backing off during storage or handling. Offering enhanced impact strength, Ultra® thread protectors are formulated from all-plastic composite resins.

Ultra example

Feature and benefits

  • Designed for premium threads where a high level of impact protection and sealing ability are required
  • 100% recyclable – no plastic / metal separation required, no disposal to landfill
  • CNC-cut threads for precision fit
  • Hot-stamped – permanent ID for thread type / part number, no stick-on labels
  • Closed-end recessed liftable designs for easy handling
  • Designed for extreme weather conditions: tested from -50º to 150ºF (-46º to 66ºC)
  • Manufactured under ISO 9001-certified quality system


  • Tubing: 2–3/8" through 4–1/2"
  • Casing: 4–1/2" through 11–7/8"