Tapes for Appliances

Essentra understands all of the key elements that go into the appliance process which is why we have a range of products to complete each and every step.

Essentra tapes can improve the overall quality and durability of your appliances. From mounting and bonding to venting, special marking, surface protection, packaging and transport security, deco glass mounting and specialised solutions for control panels and displays, our tapes adhere to a full suite of surfaces and appliances. 

From concept to assembly we provide expertise and reliability whilst adding value and maximising efficiency. Our specialist tapes include hot melt, solvent-based and aqueous adhesives and high bond.



High bond tapes, film tapes and foam tapes for displays, emblems/name plates, glass panels, decorative and plastic trims and control panels


Double sided tape for use on drawers, shelves and doors to allow temporary bonding during transport


Double sided tapes used to attach small components inside appliances quickly and permanently


Foam materials used internally to fill gaps around components


Our solutions include

  • Film Tapes
  • Dubl Kote Foam Tapes
  • High Bond Tapes
  • Remo Two
  • Foam material with one sided adhesive


Tapes for Appliances

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