Bitech™ filter

Cost-effective solution

The BiTech™ filter is a unique, patent-pending filter that provides better filtration efficiency and greater degradability than a standard mono-acetate filter while offering the opportunity for cost-efficiencies.

Filter construction

A mono-segment filter produced in a single pass and offered in various ratios of tow and either paper or other nonwoven materials to match specifications.

The filter is enclosed in an outer plugwrap, which can be standard or porous depending on ventilation requirements. The filter tip length, circumference and pressure drop can be varied to suit taste and filtration requirements.

Also available in a combination of tow and other nonwoven materials, and can be used as a segment in a multi segment filter.

Bitech Example

Features and benefits

  • A cost-effective and efficient single-segment filter that combines acetate tow with paper or other non-woven materials
  • Significant tow weight savings
  • Reduction of raw material costs (compared with mono-acetate at similar delivery levels)
  • Comparable taste with a mono-acetate filter (dependent on specification)
  • Tar reduction versus mono-acetate at the same PD (dependent on specification)
  • Better degradability of raw materials
  • Available with dispersible plugwrap for a more environment-friendly filter