Randomly Orientated Acetate™ filter

Light option

The Randomly Orientated Acetate™ filter is manufactured by an innovative, patent-pending process using high-quality crimped cellulose acetate fibres, which are bonded in a non-uniform, random construction.

This results in a significantly lighter filter, which can be used to reduce tar and nicotine delivery. This filter is available in both slim and super-slim variants.

Filter construction

Consists of high-quality crimped cellulose acetate staple fibres, which are orientated randomly in an interlocked web and bonded firmly. The filter is enclosed in an outer plugwrap as standard or porous.

The structure of interlocked web of randomly orientated fibres differs from traditional acetate filters, which have continuous, essentially parallel, fibres.

Designed to suit taste and filtration requirements – achieved with a density that is significantly lower than a standard mono-acetate filter.

Randomly Orientated Acetate Example

Features and benefits

  • Significant reduction in filter weight and a more cost-effective filter compared with standard mono-acetate filters especially in slim and super-slim formats
  • Well accepted: maintains the smoking experience and filtration capability of standard mono-acetate filters
  • Conserves resources as it uses less cellulose acetate than a standard mono-acetate
  • Degrades faster than a standard mono-acetate filter
  • High-quality end appearance
  • Ideally suited to cost-conscious slim and super-slim mono segments
  • Also available with dispersible plugwrap for a more environment-friendly filter