Eco Cavitec Sensation™ Filter

Sustainable filters, Reimagined

A proprietary patent filed filter, ECO Cavitec Sensation™ is an eco-friendly filter with three unique sensorial attributes, combining the properties of non-woven materials with the Essentra’s market leading Cavitec™ technology for a truly sustainable future

Filter construction

ECO Cavitec Sensation™ Filter is a plastic free filter with a free moving capsule inserted into an empty cavity section, providing unique sensorial experiences while remaining eco-friendly.

In addition to customisation of capsule type, cavity size, or use of coloured plugwraps and tows, ECO Cavitec Sensation™ Filter can be manufactured using different paper types, combined with other end segments, or make use of our Infused™ technology.

ECO Cavitec Sensation - mark

Features and benefits

  • Degrades more rapidly than filters constructed with cellulose acetate
  • Plastic free construction meets EU SUPD initiative
  • Hear the difference as the capsule audibly rattles within the cavity
  • Feel the difference as the capsule vibrates within the cavity
  • Flavour delivery on demand as consumers can choose when they want to burst the capsule
  • Customisable design to fit your requirements