Infused filter

Balanced taste with liquid additives

This patented filter was developed to maximise the strengths of paper and to offer higher levels of tar retention than standard mono-acetate filters. (Varies by specification and test conditions. Samples can be ordered for own verification.)

Filter construction

Consists of mono paper treated with liquid additive(s). Additives can be varied to suit customer requirements. This is enclosed in an outer plugwrap, which can be standard or porous depending on ventilation requirements.

Designed to suit taste and filtration requirements.

Infused Example

Features and benefits

  • Designed to improve the overall value proposition without compromising taste
  • Higher levels of tar and nicotine retention compared with the standard mono-acetate filter
  • Balanced taste similar to standard cellulose acetate filters
  • Degrades and biodegrades more rapidly than filters constructed with cellulose acetate
  • Potential comparable phenol removal with cellulose acetate (optional)
  • Also available with dispersible plugwrap for a more environment-friendly filter