Ochre filter

The Ochre filter degrades three times faster than industry-standard cellulose acetate filters*. It uses no chemical adhesives to bond the fibres.

It is not treated with bleach, giving the filter a unique natural end appearance. This filter is available in both slim and super-slim variants.

*Tested over a 12-month period in an external environment. Samples can be ordered for own verification.

Filter construction

Consists of high-quality unbleached paper (compressed to the desired parameters) enclosed in an outer plugwrap, which can be either standard or porous depending on the ventilation requirements.

The filter tip length, circumference, and pressure drop can be varied to suit taste and filtration requirements.

Ochre Example

Features and benefits

  • Degrades and biodegrades more rapidly than filters constructed with cellulose acetate
  • Higher levels of tar and nicotine retention compared with the standard mono-acetate filter
  • Retains a similar taste to standard cellulose acetate filters (if infused additive is used)
  • Branding opportunities through distinctive natural end appearance
  • Well-established manufacturing methods on modern high-speed equipment
  • Available with dispersible plugwrap for a more environment-friendly filter