Active Patch™ filter

The Active Patch™ filter is a single-segment carbon filter. It retains a similar taste to traditional mono-acetate filters while providing the benefits of an activated carbon.

Filter construction

Consists of high-quality crimped cellulose acetate fibres that are bonded firmly. This is enclosed in an outer plugwrap, which can be standard or porous depending on the ventilation requirements. This plugwrap is applied with a patch of granular-activated carbon.

The activated carbon patch can be in a single patch formation or laid out in a split patch configuration surrounding the ventilation zone of the finished product where increased loadings are required.

Active Patch Example

Features and benefits

  • Offers higher carbon weight than an Active Acetate dual at an acceptable pressure drop
  • Has all the advantages of carbon filters, while retaining a taste familiar to consumers, so can be used to introduce carbon filters into a traditionally mono-acetate market
  • Excellent technical variation control compared with Active Acetate dual filters
  • Use of carbon in patch format offers a unique selling point and brand differentiation possibilities
  • Smoother, cooler smoke as granular additives reduce vapour phase and semi-volatile components in mainstream smoke without additional ventilation
  • Secondary machine contamination can be eliminated as carbon is positioned away from any cutting areas
  • More carbon loading than the traditional active acetate