Shaped Acetate filter

Novel end appearance

The shaped acetate filter is constructed with a hole placed at the mouth end of the filter manufactured with Essentra Filter Products’ Tube Technology®.

The filter can take a single- or multiple-segment design. The novel end appearance can be further enhanced by shaping the hole into various styles.

Filter construction

Consists of high-quality crimped cellulose acetate fibres, which are bonded with a controlled amount of plasticiser. Additional plasticiser and cellulose acetate means that the structure of the filter is firmer than the standard mono-acetate filter to ensure quality end appearance.

The cellulose acetate is formed around a mandrel to create a void in the material. It can be altered to leave a choice of shapes at the mouth end. The filter is enclosed in standard or porous outer plugwrap.

Designed to enhance branding, and suit customer taste and filtration requirements.


Features and benefits

  • Product differentiation and target market appeal through novel end appearance
  • Opportunities for product and market differentiation thanks to wide variety of shape options
  • High-quality finished product in proven single-pass production process