Shaped Plastic filter

Unique sensory feel

The shaped plastic filter is a multisegment filter constructed with a plastic tube as the mouth end segment. This novel end appearance can be further enhanced by the use of colour and shaping.

Filter construction

Consists of a tobacco segment of high-quality crimped cellulose acetate or paper and a mouth segment, a hollow tube constructed from plastic and moulded into various shapes.

The tobacco end is enclosed in a plugwrap, while the filter is wrapped in an outer plugwrap. Both can be standard or porous depending on ventilation requirements.

The filter tip colour, configuration, length, circumference, pressure drop, and shape of the plastic segment can be varied to enhance brand and suit customer taste and filtration requirements.

Shaped Plastic Example

Features and benefits

  • High-quality, robust end appearance with a unique sensory feel
  • Product differentiation and target market appeal through novel end appearance
  • Opportunities for product and market differentiation thanks to wide variety of shape options
  • Reduction in appearance of stains on the filter during use
  • Design flexibility thanks to dual filter configuration