Co reduction

A range of products to increase CO reduction including Coaxial Core filters and COR&trade filters.


  • Coaxial Core Example

    Coaxial Core filter

    The Coaxial Core filter uses different types of material in a coaxial configuration which, when used with cigarette ventilation, can give a significant reduction of carbon monoxide and other vapour phase gases without reducing tar levels by the same factor in a ventilated cigarette.

  • Cor Example

    COR™ filter

    The COR™ filter comprises two filter segments surrounding an empty cavity enabling the design of a ventilated cigarette with a significant reduction of carbon monoxide while retaining a similar taste.

  • Twin Tec Example

    Twin Tec™ filter

    The Twin Tec™ filter innovatively combines two technologies to provide optimum performance as well as visual differentiation.