Combined Performance Superior™ (CPS™) filter

The Combined Performance Superior™ (CPS™) filter is designed to give the cigarette a unique end appearance. It also offers enhanced tar and nicotine retention without the need for increased draw resistance or higher ventilation.

Filter construction

Consists of high-quality crimped cellulose acetate fibres, which are bonded firmly. This is enclosed by an embossed semi-crêpe paper inner wrap, giving the superior fluted appearance, then wrapped in an outer plugwrap, which can be standard or porous depending on ventilation requirements.

The flutes can be presented at the mouth end for a distinctive end appearance, or at the tobacco end, to mirror a standard mono-acetate end.

As smoke flows through the filter, it follows the path of least resistance along the flutes. Smoke is drawn through the paper at the end of embossed flutes. This ‘cross flow filtration mechanism’ increases filter efficiency through an extremely high level of tar and nicotine retention.

Designed to enhance branding, and suit customer taste and filtration requirements.

CPS example

Features and benefits

  • Strong product differentiation (a potential anti-counterfeiting tool) and also enhances brand identity
  • Suitable for use with all varieties of tobacco blends
  • Higher tar retention than standard mono-acetate filters while maintaining a similar smoking experience
  • May assist in counterfeit prevention using a standard CPS™ or a CPS™ filter with a coloured inner wrap
  • Equivalent tar retention to a mono-acetate but with lower pressure drop
  • Lower yields possible with reduced or no ventilation