White Dual Rod filter

The White Dual Rod filter combines the best characteristics of two different filtration segments. The inclusion of a paper segment creates a filter with high tar and nicotine retention.

Filter construction

Consists of a tobacco and mouth segment of high-quality crimped cellulose acetate. The tobacco segment can also be constructed from paper to further increase filter performance.

Both segments are enclosed in a plugwrap, which can be standard or porous depending on ventilation requirements. Alternatively, the mouth segment can use non-wrapped acetate for a high-quality end appearance. The filter segments are wrapped in an outer plugwrap, which can also be standard or porous depending on ventilation requirements.

A range of materials, configurations, and lengths are available ensuring each construction is designed to enhance brand and suit customer taste and filtration requirements.

White Dual Rod Example

Features and benefits

  • Flexibility of design
  • The use of a paper segment is suitable for controlling tar delivery on established brands
  • Paper segment degrades quicker than segments constructed with cellulose acetate
  • Good market differentiation possibilities as a dual filter
  • Maintains the smoking experience of the standard mono-acetate over a wide range of tar yields, especially with a paper segment
  • Allows low tar products without the need for high levels of ventilation