Groove Core™ filter

Not only does Groove Core™ look strikingly different with its distinctive visual grooves but by incorporating a pocket of carbon and a grooved paper inner wrap, it provides enhanced filtration performance for your brand.

Filter construction

A mono-acetate filter that incorporates a ‘pocket’ of carbon and a grooved inner wrap, which both provide enhanced filtration performance. The pocket is placed towards the tobacco end of the filter while the paper inner wrap flute is near the mouth end.

The circumference range is 23.3mm–25.4mm. The recommended tip length is 27mm to 32mm with a carbon loading of between 20mg and 40mg. Plugwrap at a minimum 30gsm can be used on the machine without affecting performance while the pressure drop can be varied to suit taste and filtration requirements.

Grove Core Example

Features and benefits

  • Delivers enhanced filtration performance for your brand by combining the benefits of activated carbon and Smooth Core Technology™ (a reduction of vapour phase and semi-volatile components in mainstream smoke) with the higher tar retention associated with CPA technology
  • Distinctive end appearance offers strong product differentiation and enhanced brand identity
  • May assist in counterfeit prevention using a standard CPA™ or a CPA filter with a coloured inner wrap
  • Precise active ingredient dose and more efficient use of materials, energy and machinery through the single-pass production process
  • Cleaner machine running compared with the industry-standard carbon filter