Triple Solid Segment filter

The Super Slim Triple Segment filter has a three-segment configuration that enables two or three different materials to be used in combination for maximum filtration flexibility. The filter has the combined benefit of clean running and efficient manufacture while providing the opportunity to add brand sophistication and value.

This filter is available in both slim and super-slim variants.

Filter construction

Consists of an acetate mouth and tobacco segment combined with a centre segment of acetate loaded with activated carbon.

Each of the segments is enclosed in a plugwrap, which can be standard or porous. Alternatively, the tobacco and mouth segments can use non-wrapped acetate for a high-quality end appearance. The filter segments are wrapped in an outer plugwrap, which can also be standard or porous.

A range of configurations, lengths, circumferences, additive loadings and types are available ensuring each construction is designed to enhance brand and suit customer taste and filtration requirements.

Super Slim Triple Segment Example

Features and benefits

  • Product / brand differentiation and development of a unique selling point
  • Marketing opportunity to promote benefits of smoke filtration and taste from three-segment configuration
  • Opportunities for innovative filtration solutions using different materials and adsorbents in the three segments:
    • Ability to reduce vapour phase and semi-volatile components in mainstream smoke without additional ventilation with activated carbon segment
    • Ability to modify taste on all tobacco blends with activated carbon segment, which leads to the characteristic smoother, cooler smoke
    • High retention of tar and nicotine through selection of segment construction and materials
  • Production environment free from contamination as a result of clean run product