Cavitec® filter tip

The Cavitec® filter tip comprises two separate filter segments surrounding a cavity containing granular-activated carbon. A unique characteristic of the filter is that it allows the cavity to be filled with more than one granular additive. This can be in combination with different segment materials for maximum filtration flexibility.

Cavitec example

Features and benefits

  • The use of any granular adsorbent and excellent flexibility of the triple filter promotes the development of a unique selling point and brand differentiation possibilities
  • Industry-leading volumetric cavity fill ensures optimal effect of additives
  • Capability for high levels of additive loading
  • Reduction of vapour phase and semi-volatile components in mainstream smoke without the need for ventilation thanks to activated carbon
  • Flexibility to balance the taste and smoothness of the tobacco to suit the customers’ requirements
  • Flexibility for one or more adsorbents mixed into the cavity