Cavitec® Filter

For flavoured additives

The Cavitec® Flavour filter comprises two separate filter segments surrounding a cavity containing a flavoured granular additive.

Unique to Essentra, the cavity can be filled with more than one granular additive.

Filter construction

Consists of a tobacco and mouth segment of high-quality crimped acetate surrounding a central cavity. The tobacco segment can be made from paper to increase filter flexibility. The cavity is filled with a flavoured sepiolite granular additive that can be combined with other suitable granular materials as desired. Some flavours include apple, coffee, menthol.

The two outer segments and the cavity are wrapped in plugwrap, while the central cavity is created as the filter segments are wrapped in an outer plugwrap, which can be either standard or porous depending on ventilation requirements.

A range of configurations, lengths, circumferences, additive loadings and types, including flavour capsules, are available ensuring each construction suites taste, filtration and brand enhancement requirements.

Cavitec® Grey

Features and benefits

  • High levels of additive loading possible (up to 25% the weight of the sepiolite granular additive)
  • Industry-leading volumetric cavity fill ensures optimal effect of additives
  • Enhances taste for all tobacco blends especially low or ultra-low-tar brands
  • Precise control of flavour level ensures consistency of cigarette taste
  • Can be designed to deliver ‘maracas’ sound when shaken 
  • Flavour on demand with our Cavitec SensationTM capsule filter variant, which brings the total sensorial dimensions to 3, with taste, touch, and sound