Flavour Thread™ filter

Precise control

The Flavour Thread™ filter provides an effective method of adding flavours to cigarettes to enhance the tobacco blend or extend the range of the existing brand. 

The thread can be coloured to communicate the enhanced taste and build brand equity.

Filter construction

Consists of an acetate filter with a flavoured additive, and constructed using high-quality crimped cellulose acetate fibres that are bonded firmly. This is enclosed in an outer plugwrap, which can be standard or non-porous depending on ventilation requirements.

Flavours, such as apple, coffee, menthol, orange, peach and strawberry, are added precisely by embedding a specially developed thread in the cellulose acetate or paper and diffused uniformly. They can be coloured to suit branding and higher loadings are achievable using multiple threads.

The new and improved positioning and control of the level of flavouring ensures the flavour is diffused uniformly throughout the body of the filter and is easily taken up by the smoke stream.

The filter tip length, circumference, pressure drop, flavour strength and type can be varied to suit taste and filtration requirements.

Flavour Thread Example

Features and benefits

  • Visual indicator of taste delivery technology using a coloured thread
  • Precise control of flavour level to ensure consistency of cigarette taste
  • Wide variety of flavour options provides opportunities for product and market differentiation
  • Easy and effective flavour addition to cigarettes with reduced machine contamination and clean-down times
  • Enhances taste of low or ultra-low-tar brands for the customer